Raychem's CertifiedPro Installer Programme

A network of professionals who share our passion for quality

The Raychem CertfiedPro network are trained experts in our underfloor heating system. Only CertifiedPro installers can extend the 12 Year and offer 20 years of Total Care Warranty.

Certified Pro installers

  • Can extend the 12 Year Total Care Warranty to 20 Years.
  • Have followed detailed training on the Raychem floor heating products.
  • Offer the right product for each application

Why become a Raychem CertifiedPro installer?

Offer 20 Years Total Care Warranty on Raychem floor heating installations. A floor heating system installed by a Certified Pro electrician gets an extra 8 years of warranty compared to the 12 Years Total Care Warranty.

Participate to practical and hands-on trainings on: product selection, installation tips, testing and commissioning, construction directives and guidelines.

Generate additional business using Raychem’s promotional tools.

How to become a Raychem CertifiedPro installer?

If you are a qualified electrician and you regularly install electric floor heating, get yourself into pole position and become a Certified Pro installer. Enjoy the benefits of the programme and get on the list to be invited to Part 1 of the Certified Pro Training.

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