Raychem part number: 1244-008402

The energy saving insulation board for a fast heat-up

Image of a T2-Red installation over Isolecta panels

The specially designed insulation board is the ideal solution for achieving a fast reaction time and a high level of thermal insulation for your heated floor in combination with T2QuickNet heating mats, CeraPro and T2Blue heating cables.

It significantly reduces the heat-up time and achieves energy savings up to 65% during the heat-up phase.

It is fully compatible with most proprietary tile adhesives and filler materials and its low height make it an ideal system for renovation projects.

  • Energy savings of approximately 20% due to reduced downward heat loss
  • Reduces heat up times of T2QuickNet, T2Blue and CeraPro
  • Vapour barrier provides an excellent resistance to moisture
  • High level of thermal insulation
  • Ideal subsurface for thin bed tiling and underfloor heating systems.
  • Compatible with most proprietary tile adhesives and filler materials.

Pack contents

  • Box of 4 x Isolecta Boards
Image Isolecta boards
MaterialHCFC free, blue extruded polystyrene foam with closed cell structure
Board dimensions1180 mm x 600 mm x 10 mm (0.71 m²)
Compressive strengths at 10% deflection DIN EN 8260.25 N/mm²
Elastic modulus DIN EN 82610 N/mm²
Thermal Conductivity at 10°C DIN EN 12667/DIN EN 129390.035 W/m K
Heat transfer resistance0.286 m² K/W
U-Value2.19 W/m²K
Bulk density DIN EN 160230 kg/m³
Water vapour resistivity (μ) DIN EN 12086100
Water absorption by long-term immersion DIN EN 12087<1.5 Vol %
Fire classification DIN 4102B1