T2Reflecta Boards

Image of T2Reflecta installation overview Image of Reflecta insulation plates

Energy-efficient insulation plates

T2Reflecta insulation plates provides extra energy savings of 20% or more. The thermal insulation and aluminium plates reduce heat losses and provide an even heat distribution.

Using T2Red with T2Reflecta insulation plates is the first choice for wooden or laminate floors and is recommended by many wood flooring manufacturers. It can be adapted to all room sizes and can be installed on most subfloors.


  • Energy efficient
    • No downward heat loss
    • Fast(er) heat up
  • Optimized comfort
    • Even heat distribution with aluminium layer
    • Fast(er) heat up
  • Easy to install
    • Pre-grooved plates: T2Red cable fits right in
    • Available in 1m² and 3m² boxes
ProductDescriptionPentair Part Number
Reflecta-pack-3.0m²10 pcs of Reflecta-plates (720 mm x 400 mm) and 6 pcs of end plates (100 mm x 400 mm) for 3.12 m²450052-000
Reflecta-pack-1.0m²3 pcs of Reflecta-plates (720 mm x 400 mm) and 2 pcs of end plates (100 mm x 400 mm) for 0.944 m²6012-8946251
Reflecta-end-plates-pack6 pcs of extra end plates (100 mm x 400 mm)241662-000
MaterialsAlu (0.5 mm thickness) & EPS (12.5 mm)
Plate dimensions720 mm x 400 mm x 13 mm
End plate dimensions100 mm x 400 mm x 12.5 mm (no alu)
Fire classificationDIN 4102-B1
U-value2.33 W/m²K
Heat transfer coefficient0.033 W/(mK)
Thermal expansion coefficient2.4 x 10-5 1/K
Long term pressure capability140 kPa (14000 kg/m²)

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