Increased comfort whilst saving on heating costs

Electric underfloor heating is installed close to the floor surface resulting in a quick warm up of the room. Thanks to the uniform heat distribution across the floor, it is possible to set the thermostat 2 degrees lower than usual, without any loss of comfort or warmth. It is an excellent system to provide complete room heating or to compliment the existing heating system. During spring or autumn, you can turn off the conventional heating, and keep your floors warm, comfortable, and cozy. The family dog will confirm this!

Convectional Heating System Image
Heat radiation from a convectional heating system with radiators. Large temperature variations (18-65 degrees C) in the room.
Heat Radiation from an Underfloor Heating System
Heat radiation from an underfloor heating system. Small temperature variations (20-25 degrees C) and heat where you need it.

Dry floors: more hygienic and easier to clean

Electrical underfloor heating causes less air movement resulting in fewer dust and allergen particles circulating in the room. A further advantage is that wet floors and rugs will dry much faster in bathrooms, kitchens and walkways reducing the risk of accidents and mildew buildup. A dry floor is also easier to keep clean as the dust doesn't stick to it.

Negligible electro-magnetic fields

Household appliances and home electronics can produce electro-magnectic fields. Raychem products emit the lowest possible electro-magnetic fields thanks to the twin wire construction.

Insulation boards for energy efficiency

Every Raychem system can be combined with an insulation layer to obtain significant energy savings by shortening the heat-up time to reach the desired temperature. An insulation board also helps improve insufficiently insulated subfloors leading to cost savings during the operation of an electric underfloor heating system.

Easy-to-install and suited to all floor types

Smart underfloor heating can be installed under any floor. It does not take up any space in your living area, giving you the freedom to position furniture freely.

At home or in the office, in the bathroom or in the living area, Raychem smart underfloor heating systems provide a warm floor and a pleasant room temperature. Our various systems can be installed under all floor covering like tiles, marble, wood, laminate or carpet.

Easy and hassle free

Raychem systems can be fitted directly on the existing floor (wood, plaster and concrete), avoiding unnecessary dust, dirt or noise!

The T2QuickNet mat is only 3mm thick so floor height gain is kept to a bare minimum. Even the self-regulating system T2Red and T2Reflecta are a mere 13mm thick.